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Why work for DT Fire Protection Inc.?

We are an equal opportunity employer who values the contributions of its employees. We desire to hire and retain employees with a strong work ethic, high level of responsibility and a positive "can do" attitude. We promise to show you our support through competitive wages and compensation, opportunities for skill development and career progression. We will let you know you are appreciated and that your efforts are valued. We will continue to succeed because you care.

Jordan Li

"I've had the pleasure of working under Dave Turner at Frontier Fire Protection for two years. He is talented, organized, knowledgeable, and takes pride in his workmanship. Dave has experience in installing fire protection systems from small residential buildings, to large commercial buildings. He has run numerous jobs throughout the lower mainland including the Vancouver Aquarium. Over the course of two years I've learned so much from Dave. He is very patient by taking the time to teach his apprentices in becoming great fitters ."


Josh LaBonte

"I loved working on Dave's crew. He was always so approachable and knowledgeable. I enjoyed going to work as we could always have a laugh and feel good about what we accomplished at the end of the day. Although Dave may be a little OCD with his install and organization he is the best foreman I have ever worked under."


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